Voice Control

Have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? Connect them to your Goldair App for effortless automation. All Goldair Smart Wi-Fi products are compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home devices to operate via voice control for a fully seamless smart home. Instructions on how to pair with our voice control partners are below. Please ensure that you have set up and paired your product to the Goldair App.

Device functionality is limited within third party apps as Goldair has no control over development or command creation. For full functionality and best user experience, we recommend operating your product via the Goldair app and pairing to a third party app for voice control only.

Pairing with Amazon Alexa

Step 1

On the main page of the Alexa app, click the ‘More’ icon on the bottom right hand side of the page. Click on ‘Skills and Games’, then click on the search icon in the top right hand corner.

Step 2

Type ‘Goldair’ in the search bar and
click to proceed. Click 'Enable to use’ and type your phone number/email address/password and click ‘Link Now’.

Step 3

Click ‘Authorise’ and go back to the home screen. Your devices will now appear and you can operate using voice control.

Pairing with Google Home

Step 1

On the main page of the Google Home app, click the + icon in the top left hand side of the page. Click ‘Set up device.’

Step 2

Click ‘Works with Google’, type ‘Goldair’ in the search bar and click to proceed. Type your phone number/email address/password and click ‘Link Now.’

Step 3

Click 'Authorise' and all devices from your Goldair App will appear on screen. You have the option to add these to a particular room in your home.

Suggested Voice Commands

Please note that Amazon and Google are in control of voice control functionality and terminology. Not all functions available via the controller or APP can be controlled via voice command.

Voice control on your device will allow you to turn ON and OFF and adjust the settings. Suggested voice commands to
work with your Alexa and Google device are:

Turning ON/OFF
"Alexa, turn 'device name' ON"
"Ok Google, turn 'device name' OFF"

Adjusting the settings
"Alexa, turn 'device name' to high (omit high with the desired setting or temperature)

Still have queries?

Reach out with any questions you have relating to voice control and our friendly customer service team will be in touch.