Heated Body Pillow
Heated Body Pillow
Heated Body Pillow

Heated Body Pillow


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Enjoy a comfy and relaxing night's sleep, snuggled up to this Heated Body Pillow. Designed to help support your hips and lower back while you sleep, improving blood circulation and reducing muscle aches and tension so you feel fresher in the morning. With 3 heat settings and an auto-off timer, you decide your perfect warmth! Simply detach the controller to machine wash and dry when required. Pillowcase included!


3 Heat Settings

Select your level of warmth

Helps Support Hips & Lower Back

3 Hour Auto-off Timer

Pre-set a desired time for your blanket to turn off

Detachable Controller

Easily stored and washable

Fully Machine Washable

Hygienic and allergen free

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